Just A Thought

9781640030022_Ebook_2000Just a thought… Few things are more powerful than a thought. Everything that was ever created began with the conception of a thought. Every hero who accepted the challenge to save the day, all came to the stage of history by a mere thought. Every partnership, business, invention, innovation, discovery and scientific breakthrough all began with a thought. Each of these life Rules began as a thought, sparked by an experience and I believe this collection of principles can serve you as a guide to thrive on your path. As I hold it to be true, that all you truly own in this life is your response and therefore this book is my collective response to those experiences and the thoughts they produced.

It is my hope and my prayer that this simple, yet provocative, gathering of my thoughts will inspire you to live a successful life of expanding your own thoughts. This book can accomplish nothing greater than sparking a thought in your mind and a pure purpose in your heart to accomplish something great, for it is, after all, merely a collection of my thoughts, which many are simply a response to someone else’s thoughts…. but let us not forget as we begin, there are few things more powerful than a thought. Just a thought…

Just a Thought – Brian Hill


For All Americans

9781640030022_Ebook_2000Bart Stupak, a nine-term Democratic Congressman from Michigan’s First District, brought two unshakable principles with him to Capitol Hill in 1992: a firm belief in the sanctity of life, and the conviction that health care was a right for all Americans and not a privilege for the fortunate few. Studies indicating that 45,000 Americans died needlessly every year for lack of access to health care inspired Congressman Stupak’s tireless efforts, often at great personal cost, to pass lifesaving legislation while remaining true to his right-to-life principles.

This book is a fascinating front-row seat to the inner workings and behind-the-scenes dealmaking in the US House of Representatives, and a first-person account of the collaboration between President Obama and Bart Stupak’s small but dedicated team of legislators to achieve the historic passage of the Affordable Care Act for all Americans.

For All Americans (The Dramatic Story Behind the Stupak Amendment and the Historic Passage of Obamacare) – By Hon. Bart T. Stupak


My Testimonial Breakthrough

9781640030022_Ebook_2000Janae Rosario grew up far from carefree. Like the unfortunate few, she’s had her fair share of insecurities and misfortune. Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and hypothyroidism at a young age, she was forced to deal with life the only way she knew how—carrying on her childish and at times dangerous ways, getting into drug addiction, and even getting into unhealthy relationships. That is until God decided to work his ways in her life.

My Testimonial Breakthrough chronicles the author’s journey from a life of loss and abandonment to one of grace and redemption, and how, with faith and love, true healing can be found only in God.

My Testimonial Breakthrough – By Janae Rosario


The Quiet

Reed_Chris_cvr_v1.indd“What is my unique purpose in life?” Most of us will find this question not as easy to answer as it is to ask, especially thriving in the modern age.
Attention-seeking information we receive every day only aims to either stray us away or guide us to unveiling that purpose. How do we use that sea of information to maximize our human potential? How do we control the “noise” to our own advantage, instead of allowing it to control us?

In a nutshell, Chris Reed discusses the pitfalls of this villainous noise in relation to our human tendencies, and discloses a wonderful yet easy technique to help us stay on track.

The Quiet – by author Chris Reed