One of the many questions we receive daily from authors is if their work will be accepted, or if we accepted any and all manuscripts sent to us?

Since we are an international Christian publisher we are happy to review and consider books of a secular nature as well as Christian-themed works. Books of a secular nature, provided that they do not promote gratuitous violence, explicit sexual content or anti-Christian values are openly welcomed at Covenant Books and will be reviewed under the same standards and criteria as traditionally Christian-themed and spiritual oriented books.

All books are reviewed fairly and objectively for certain criteria that we deem to be key qualities in books we are willing to publish. Every book will go through our strict editing process, so when submitting your manuscript, spelling, grammar and punctuation is not as important initially as the content and storyline.

After receiving your manuscript, we will let you know within a few business days if your book has been accepted for publication. Do not be discouraged if your book is not accepted – we receive thousands upon thousands of submissions each month and simply do not have the capacity to publish most books presented to us.

We are very interested in reviewing your manuscript in order to get started. Please feel free to contact us anytime to talk to an acquisitions agent to discuss the basics of your book to determine if we would like to review it for possible publication. We will of course provide you with a confidentiality agreement for your protection and peace of mind. Thank you for visiting, and we hope to hear from you soon.