Just A Thought

9781640030022_Ebook_2000Just a thought… Few things are more powerful than a thought. Everything that was ever created began with the conception of a thought. Every hero who accepted the challenge to save the day, all came to the stage of history by a mere thought. Every partnership, business, invention, innovation, discovery and scientific breakthrough all began with a thought. Each of these life Rules began as a thought, sparked by an experience and I believe this collection of principles can serve you as a guide to thrive on your path. As I hold it to be true, that all you truly own in this life is your response and therefore this book is my collective response to those experiences and the thoughts they produced.

It is my hope and my prayer that this simple, yet provocative, gathering of my thoughts will inspire you to live a successful life of expanding your own thoughts. This book can accomplish nothing greater than sparking a thought in your mind and a pure purpose in your heart to accomplish something great, for it is, after all, merely a collection of my thoughts, which many are simply a response to someone else’s thoughts…. but let us not forget as we begin, there are few things more powerful than a thought. Just a thought…

Just a Thought – Brian Hill