One of the many questions we receive daily from authors is if their work will be accepted, or if we accepted any and all manuscripts sent to us?

When you publish with Covenant Books, you are a part of our family. Covenant authors are assigned a representative from the very first phone call, and can speak with that same care representative throughout the entire publication process. This seemingly small detail makes all the difference when you need to call for a quick update, or just need to make a minor change to your cover design. You don't need to wade through useless automated phone menus only to connect to some generic customer service rep that has no idea what is going on with your book. Our representatives know your project, and are often our author's best friends!

Our business model is quite simple- if your manuscript is accepted for publication, we can publish it and bring it to the world-wide market for a relatively inexpensive initial investment because we receive a small portion of the royalties you earn. In fact, our share of your royalties is a mere 5% of what you have earned. This simple, transparent and extremely fair royalty split is why so many authors choose to publish with Covenant Books.

In addition to having one of the best royalty-split arrangements in the publishing industry, we also structure all our publishing agreements such that you the author indefinitely own and control one-hundred percent of your book. All rights to your book remain with you- forever. We are merely your publisher.