You Can Call HIM Dad: from the Lord in Christ

In pursuit of redemption, enlightenment, and self-actualization, a soul will eventually discover the Law of One. That is, the greater connectedness of all living beings in God. Written from the Lord in Christ, You Can Call Him Dad addresses the misconceptions of many in need today. Where do we come from? How do we get to heaven? Do we have a perfect match? When will the world end? Told in His words are discourse on the life and times of Jesus and Mary Christ, the mystery of the twin flames, the higher self and the oversoul, the creation story, Noah's ark and the legend of Atlantis, the Book of Revelation, and Ezekiel's wheels. This book can be read both as an interpretation of scripture, and, as a prescription for healing now and in times to come.

--Tammy Keener Newsom

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