You are the Architect of Your Life : Designing, Building and Living the Life you Desire

The book you're holding in your hand will change your life forever! You have a choice to make: either continue to live the same life you're currently living, hoping for a bigger, better, and more abundant life, or begin to architect the life you desire. Hoping for better will only lead you to have what you've always had with no change. In other words, hoping will do nothing for you.

However, if you're like the many people whom I've taught these principles to, you desire something different. You're like the clients I've assisted to dramatically change their life to be exactly what they've dreamed it to be. With You Are the Architect of Your Life, you have these principles clearly laid out for you, so take this book, read, study, and apply the principles to your life. After all, you are the architect of your life, and you get to decide the life you'll design, build, and live.

--David Worthy

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