Yeshua: Book of Deliverance: End Game

This book is the most complete and informed way to give you the “children's bread” and our instruments of spiritual warfare and inner healing. In this is listed as many ways of combating devils as is possible and how to deal with these from a personal level to a long distance level in every operation and every way they try to muster. This book is designed to let you pinpoint the area of where you need help, whether it's in self-deliverance or delivering others by God through you in many areas most applicable. This is for all believers from beginners to seasoned veterans of spiritual warfare; for all apostles, bishops, deacons, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, and the congregations of the saints; and to all whom are called to be soldiers of Yeshua. If you're not a believer and you have asked God for help as your last ditch effort, and in return, you had promised to follow Him and give yourself to He who is without “religion” being forced upon you, this book is for you too, as well as those who have demonic activity who don't know where to go or who to turn to, especially without feeling shunned, ashamed, or disfellowshipped.

--Richard Lane

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