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The scriptures reveal that God appeared to Solomon in a dream and asked, “What shall I give you?” Solomon responded, having asked for wisdom and knowledge to judge righteously (1 Kings 3:5–15, 2 Chron. 1). However, God blessed King Solomon to become the wisest, most honorable, and wealthiest man who ever lived. In 1 Kings 4:29–34, the scriptures declare: “Solomon spoke three thousand proverbs and sang one thousand and five songs.”

Although the Holy Bible is a compilation of numerous books and authors, the book of Proverbs, with its collection of wise sayings, is in a class by themselves. For approximately three thousand years, the proverbs or wise sayings of Solomon have stood the test of time, continuing to provide guidance in our foolish and sinful world. Solomon's thought-provoking proverbs miraculously transcend racial, cultural, religious, language, and political barriers.

The Wisdomantics Daily Devotionals is a repository where readers can obtain a plethora of wisdom relating to topics such as spiritual growth, finances, relationships, pride, anger, gossip, and more! Each devotional is numbered for a day of the year followed by the number of a question derived from the Wisdomantics game app. Please view the website wisdomantics.com for information related to the Wisdomantics game. The questions/proverbs were obtained from the NIV and NKJV Bible translations. They are followed by a summary of the proverb and an application, which illuminates the proverb, making it applicable to routine experiences readers may encounter as we live our lives each day.

Godly wisdom is acquired by means of a humble heart, attentive ears, and an obedient spirit. If we reject it and rebel against his word, we might also find ourselves in the same state as Solomon in his later years. His promise of a virtuous and fulfilling life was reduced to a life filled with vanity, devastation, and regrets. The Wisdomantics Daily Devotionals is a great resource from which readers can gain wisdom to make prudent decisions and demonstrate discernment. God cannot use people who believe they are perfect. However, he can use those who are wise enough to seek his wisdom each day! We invest in our children, financial portfolios, homes, education, etc. Let's take a few minutes each day to invest in our need for spiritual growth and peace of mind. The Wisdomantics––Daily Devotionals is a great way to receive direction and encouragement from the book of Proverbs. Our lives can be transformed while gaining valuable wisdom that will benefit the reader, our families, and friends for generations to come!

--Darrell Hutchinson

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