Why believe in Bible Prophecy?

Have you ever attended an end-times study or lecture and leave out having more questions than answers?

Have you read parts of Daniel and Revelation and are totally clueless as to what it all means?

I was once that person above. However, after attending a lecture several years ago, we were told repeatedly that we were to search deeper not only in the Bible but events in past history as well as today's events to find the truth. I'm sure we can all agree that we are living in end times, but “where are we at, when did it start?” are just some of the questions asked. I took each of the sections of the lecture and really started studying not only what he had talked about but looked further and deeper. What I have in this book explains the kingdoms and time lines with Old and New Testament prophecy. Both fulfilled and yet to happen.

I looked back at the early church to see how they believed. The Catholic Church to see what was changed and why and at what Protestants differed in their beliefs.

Did you know that the baptism of Jesus was prophesied in Daniel and it happened right on time? There are many clues as to who and what the antichrist is, and it leaves no question. Even the early Protestant ministers knew what a lot of churches today have forgotten. So, dive in and read the information that I have researched and written about to help you understand and believe. And don't just believe me, search for the truth yourself.

--Larry Squyres

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