What's Wrong with Me?: From Abuse and Lies to God’s Forgiveness and Truth

“What's wrong with me?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Even as an adult and a mother of two, Kathy continued to relive the shame of her alcoholic father spewing this frequent accusation, through gritted teeth, “What is wrong with you, Kathy?” However, as glimpses of hidden memories started to resurface and she gained the strength to look more deeply into her past, she uncovered exactly what was wrong with her—and chose to confront the person responsible.

Walk with Kathy as she shares how her pain, fear, and anger were turned into healing, courage, and forgiveness, in a way that would have been impossible on her own. If you've ever wondered whether you can overcome past hurts or abuse, Kathy's story provides hope and describes the path to freedom.

--Kathy Gist With Kevin McConaghy

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