What The Prophet Ether Couldn't Tell Us: Book 2 of 3

The sequel to the Jaredite's Civilization (What the Prophet Ether couldn't Tell Us) is finally out. Book III to shortly follow. Book II tells of the life and times of the Jaredites, the greatest civilization to have ever lived on Planet Earth. It details their earliest beginnings, and enumerates some of their many achievements and accomplishments. It is first mentioned within the Book of Mormon, in Ether 1:42-44. Ether was later directed by God to remove everything about them save for their earliest beginnings at the Tower of Babel, in Iraq, and a few brief tales of their spiritual trials and wars, up to their final Civil War.Mainstream Archaeology refuses to address this civilization because it would reveal Archaeology's canards about evolution and their false narrative about the Origin of Man. The Jaredites settled and colonized South and North America, Lemuria, Antarctica, The British Isles and most of western Europe, plus the lands of China and India. For nearly 2,530-years, they maintained a world-wide civilization. My research has uncovered many details of Jaredite life and their physical characteristics that the prophet Ether was not allowed to tell us.They built all of Egypt. Their Hindu colony fought at least two internal nuclear wars. They colonized throughout our entire Solar System; most moons and all the planets have their cities, mainly covered by 7-mile high glass domes, except Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets each have possible Star War-size “moons” that could be artificial space stations. Mars used to be a moon to its now exploded primary, which is now the Asteroid Belt. Their Martian cities are so immense that New York City and Shanghai combined wouldn't be considered a nickel in a handful of change in comparison to them. Jaredite leftovers are all over Earth if one knows when to look for them.Book III details a few of their many wars, as well as their final Civil War, the first year or two which were nuclear. Through their longevity, they were able to develop their physics to the point to where they could control the weather, as well as to weaponize its component parts. And their final, long prophesied death.

--Jim Hendleman

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