We Are One

A great relationship with our heavenly Father produces rewards. Relationship was created by the Heavenly Father. In We Are One, you will discover how a good or bad relationship with our Heavenly Father will affect our lives. We will form many relationships throughout our lifetimes, but the most important relationship we will ever form is with the Father.A relationship with the Father is not automatic. Being saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and going to church are good; but these are not the signs that a great relationship exists. As with any relationship, there needs to be an effort to build and maintain a relationship. We Are One will help answer some of your questions about unanswered prayers, lacking, sickness, and much more that are linked to the condition of our relationship with our Heavenly Father.Discover how strong or weak your relationship with your Heavenly Father is.Discover if you are living as a child or as an associate/acquaintance of the Father.Learn how our relationship with the Father is kryptonite to Satan.Learn how Satan tries to hinder our relationship with the Father.Learn how our relationship with the Father connects us to the blessing.

--Francine S. Burns

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