Training and Molding a Light Walker

This book is about the life of Kevin Coe—a man that ran from God's call on his life—and the price he paid by running himself right into a prison cell. Now Kevin was where God needed him to be. It was there that God got Kevin's attention. After hearing the voice of God, he wholeheartedly gave his life to Christ Jesus. After being filled with the Holy Spirit, Kevin learned how to trust God's voice and obey. As Christ changed Kevin, God demonstrated His glory and power in a lot of ways as Kevin did time in Oklahoma and Colorado penitentiaries. Kevin was released in November 1985 and soon became an evangelist and youth pastor.

He has worked as a minister in several prisons and county jails for twenty-seven years. He has seen many men and women come to the Lord Jesus over the years. Kevin has been in a lot of life storms. But the Holy Spirit led him through them all.

At sixty-one, Kevin is with high expectations, looking forward to this new season of life. He is open to all God brings his way.

--Kevin Coe

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