Tommy Quinn: The White Apache

Tommy Quinn, after being kidnapped and raised as the Apache chief's son for ten years, was found among the dead on an Apache ranch raid outside of Abilene, Texas. He was nursed back to health and became part of the Bob Yost family for six years. Not knowing if his family was alive, he was hired by a trail boss to protect the boss and his men, along with the cattle on the trail drive to Montana in the late 1880s. What was his life worth? Floods, stampedes, groups of men stealing the trail herd, crossing the Indian nation, lawmen that were out to get him, and the trail boss that said he would pay him whatever he was worth. Even though he never used a gun, his life was at the mercy of the men that went out of their way to kill him, he never quit. The Yost family in Texas received a telegram of him being murdered on his wedding day. This couldn't be. Sally Yost had told him he had to come back to her when she threw her arms around him and gave him that kiss when he left for Montana. Was this telegram true?

--Roy Schatz

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