To His Ears: Prayers to take you into His Throne Room

Brittany Clark's To His Ears: Prayers to Take You into his Throne Room is a personal and heartfelt compilation of the author's very own conversations with God, shared with others whose prayer life may be experiencing a bit of listlessness. The intimate, almost poetic, language of love spoken to the heavenly Father gives the reader a better understanding of God's love for and faithfulness to us. For times when you find your prayer life struggling to breathe, To His Ears offers spiritual resuscitation. The outpouring of love and honesty found in its pages can move the heart of God for you when your spirit struggles to find the words. When prayer fatigue begins to affect your time in God's presence, it is okay to rest on the prayers of another. The warmth and affection of these prayers, spoken to the heavenly Father, along with the author's commentary—useful for self-reflection and spiritual perception—provide the ideal opportunity to revel in that rest. From the inner room to the outer courts, this book can truly bless any and all who are willing to let the breath of prayer breathe new life into their spiritual lungs.

--Brittany Clark

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