Timmy's Big Adventure

Timmy was a little brown trailer. His job was hauling trash for the Big Man. He was happy, but one day he heard about other trailers and their jobs. It sounded exciting, and he thought, Someday I'll have a big adventure. One day, the Big Man started loading Timmy, but it wasn't trash. It was boxes, toys, and a bicycle. When he was loaded, he was covered with a blue tarp and hooked up to a big motor home. Was he going on a big adventure? On the highway, he saw all kinds of trailers and places. At the end of the trip, he saw the little girls that used to live by him. Was he going to live here with them? The Big Man took the motor home and left Timmy alone. Just when Timmy thought he would never see the Big Man again, he heard the motor home coming back and they started home. Timmy would always remember his big adventure, but he thought, Home is the very best place.

--Josette Herrell

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