Three Proofs for the Existence of God: Scientific Proof Historic Proof Prophetic Proof

Three Proofs for the Existence of God gives scientific, historic, and prophetic proofs for the existence of God. If we do not think that a computer, or even a bicycle, could have come up by chance, without a designer, could we think that man who made the computer could have come up by chance, without a designer? Chance and design are mutually exclusive: the disproof of the one is the proof of the other. There is no third option! In biogenesis, genetics, dendrochronology, geophysics, and thermodynamics, evolution theory has been disproved experimentally and observationally. By default, therefore, design has been proven! Any attempt by evolutionists to experimentally disprove design, or prove chance, ends up proving design: The one conducting the experiment is the designer of that experiment, and the result is his design. If the experiment is left to chance, nothing happens!

With historic data from the Bible added up, we show the year God created man and other things. Acts and relationships between God and his creation show up in other chapters to remind us that the Creator, God, lives and wills. One of these chapters, “Black History in Scripture,” disproves the saying that “Christianity is the white man's religion.” We show that the scriptures were translated into three African languages, for ten centuries, before there was an English Bible—among other facts. Did Jesus not live in Israel and Africa only?

--Uchemadu Chée Kamanu

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