THE WAY to New Employment in 6 Stages: Following ROI's G.P.S - Guided Placement System

THE WAY to New Employment in 6 Stages is the first practical, step-by-step handbook for serious career professionals seeking to make a highly effective career transition. THE WAY represents the methodology which may be viewed as:

The Proven Way – The Best Way – The Certain Way – The Sure Way – The Most Efficient Way

THE WAY is uniquely value-adding based on the combination of the following distinctions:

Written by an accomplished, insightful faith-anchored career empowerment subject matter expert

The first practical, proven, stage-by-stage and step-by-step guide to new employment and career fulfillment

The 6 traits necessary to ensure campaign success

THE WAY to defining the desired destination, creating the ultimate master plan, crafting the high-impact marketing portfolio, working smart and excelling in the interview process and increasing one's odds of securing the new career opportunity

A faith-based G.P.S. – Guided Placement System ™

12 Invaluable Insider Insights on some of the most challenging career transition campaign challenges

High impact proprietary tools aligned to the 6-Stage C.A.R.E.E.R. Road Map to New Employment©

The SECRET INGREDIENT to dramatically improving one's success rate in an employment transition

A 7th Stage going beyond landing the new employment opportunity, providing the SECRET to Career Fulfillment

THE WAY may be viewed as advanced job search training for the serious career transition professional and more. THE WAY truly is the book that has been sought and needed by career professionals; it is the only handbook you really need to make a successful career transition.

--Mark S. Richardson, MA

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