The Sunset of My Life

A man goes through the four seasons of his life much too quickly. The hustle and frantic pace of life blinds him to the wonders that God puts before him daily—the butterfly that alights upon a small flower completely missed, the sunrises and sunsets without fanfare as he toils to his eventual end. If he is lucky, he realizes the folly of his ways and slows to see the beauty before him, appreciate the little things, the quiet things, the ripple on the pond, stopping to breathe and reflect, and perhaps to listen to the soft sounds of God's great work. I have entered the sunset of my life. My time on earth ordained by God wanes like the setting of the sun, and as the brilliant colors light the sky, so does my love for what God has given me through my many years. To see the singular snowflake, hear the cry of the chickadee, I invite you to come with me as my stories tell of my journey to this moment in time.

Sit back in a quiet spot, open this book, feel its pages, and see what I have seen. May God bless and keep you and, perhaps, slow you down.

--Joseph R. Lange

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