The Story for All Seasons

Before the days of the remote control, which is a term no longer used in today's high-tech jargon, we, as Americans, had to suffer through the infant stages of modern electronics, such as if we didn't have children, we had to get up from our recliner to change the channel on the TV; when we entered the driveway, we had to get out of the car to raise the garage door; then—the “biggie”—when the phone rang, we would call out, “Would someone get that phone call!” That phone back then was tethered to its base unit that was plugged to the wall receptacle known as a “phone jack.”

Using this analogy, and spiritually speaking, our holidays have lost their true foundational roots. Even the true meaning of the word holiday has been lost from its intended term, holy day.

These holy days are broken down into the four seasons of the year. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter contain the holy days we celebrate and their true meaning that, over the years, have suffered.

Most of these short stories are taken from biblical accounts that had been labored at great lengths with the Holy Spirit to bring to you the reader these “true-life fictional” accounts—accounts that are timeless biblically and can be reviewed over and over again as faith builders.

--Duane Rice

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