The Stand in the White Oak

Life is so much more than people have the ability to comprehend. So many unexplained mysteries and things yet to be explained by modern science. A small Wisconsin family farm, a woodlot with its secrets, and a man who long ago needed forgiveness. The horrors of war across generations of time. Enter a simple man looking only for a new spot to hunt deer. Unbeknown to him, stopping at this small farm would open up much more opportunities than he originally had bargained for. Meeting souls he did not expect to meet and coming to grips with an accident that could claim his life. Stories of struggle long ago thought forgotten. The great white oak that held its secrets, if only one would pause and listen.

The gift that would be treasured above all items one may gather through life. Intangible, unable to be held in one's hand. Only in one's heart.

--Joseph R. Lange

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