The Spirit of Strife : A Hidden Destroyer

Sometimes, like a vicious pack of lions, the spirit of strife and his posse wait patiently on their prey. Then at other times, it's that one-on-one attack devouring you and yours before you realize I'm here. Working with strife is confusion, and, yes, that trouble making hating on you, the spirit of envy is there too. The Divided Kingdom, “A Dysfunctional Family,” and “Confusion: The Friend of Strife” are a few of the chapters in this amazing work, offering hope and insight to its readers. After that revelation about our God-given strategies, the victorious kingdom and the weapons of our warfare. The author closes this timely masterpiece with jaw-dropping simple truth about our unseen helpers better known as the “angelic warriors.” They show up as chariots of fire around Elisha the Prophet, protecting him from his enemies. They also unlock the prison door for the man of God better known as Peter, with many more supernatural acts of power they live to please the God they worship.

--Anthony Gilmore

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