The Soth Initiative, Book One Soth

What if a group of people existed who were relatives of the people Jesus healed?

What if those people possessed special powers as a result of a DNA change that occurred with the healing?

What if those people survived the many attempts to wipe them out through the centuries and possessed many of the historical artifacts that would prove the Christian faith was real and relevant?

What if the great revelation was to occur this year, opening the world to all that they had saved and protected down through the centuries?

Come with us as we travel the world with Lindey Batchelor, watch the world hear the message of God, and experience those who embrace the truth and those who work to wipe it out. We will experience mystery, intrigue, and spiritual battles, as ordinary people overcome extraordinary odds to bring the truth to the world.

The Soth Series is an action-packed mystery into the lives of the people affected by Jesus' healing touch. This group call the SOTH (Sect. Of. The. Healed) plans to release every major artifact and relic relevant to the proof of Jesus' claims while he was on earth. The Cleansing Group has plans to wipe the SOTH out before they can release the archeological finds to the world. Come with Lindey Batchelor as he is pulled into the hunt, finding his own healing along the way!

--Dean Brior

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