The Second Chance

SummaryThroughout the history of humanity, God, as we have known him, or a greater power yet unknown to us, has been prayed to for all manner of wants and perceived needs.God's plan is never understood. Who has the mind of the Lord that they can reason with God?Jack Young has lived a long life, a life well lived. His best friend of forty-one years has died, the dreaded cancer taking his unsuspecting life.If only we could get a second chance.If only God gave second chances.Perhaps God can be convinced. Perhaps.Perhaps God will allow a change to the plan he has set into motion.To our inevitable day, and time, when we depart this earth.The day and manner unknown.The emotional trauma from the loss of Dan Collins has sent Young's life into terminal descent.Until, in the quiet of the cold Wisconsin cemetery, God perhaps has reconsidered.For Jack Young, to find the meaning before time runs out will consume his life, the second chance must not be wasted.

--Joseph R. Lange

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