The Sabbath Clarified

The Sabbath has been a topic of controversy ever since the New Covenant or Testament, whichever you prefer to call it. One reason is in the Old Covenant, there was no question, Elohim (God) made it very clear and very simple. He said the Sabbath was on the seventh day, which is Saturday. If in the New Covenant it remained on Saturday or was changed to Sunday, it would end a lot of debate as to which day during the era of the New Covenant if it was plainly indicated.

I believe there to be a good reason it has not been told us which day the Sabbath is in the New Covenant. During the New Covenant times, we are not to look for a day but rather the question of what is the Sabbath. I lay out in this book what the Sabbath represents, and after learning what the Sabbath represents, then we come to understand what and when the Sabbath is and in no way does it abolish the Sabbath but rather fulfills it into eternity.

In learning that, we also come to understand why the Sabbath Law of observing it every seventh day is not repeated in the New Covenant.

In the Gospel of Mark, we are told by the Messiah:

Mark 2:27–28

27 And He said to them, “The Sabbath came into being for man's sake, not man for the Sabbath's sake.

28 So then the Son of Man is Master of the Sabbath.”

This is a very important statement from the Messiah for us to grasp. “The Sabbath came into being for man's sake, not man for the Sabbath's sake.” The Sabbath has been made for us to enter rest.

In this book, we find the truth to this verse and understand how it was made for us. You will no doubt want to obtain a copy for others who you know would benefit from it.

--Mark W. Chamberlain

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