The Porch Series

The "Porch Series" is a compilation of four separate books I authored that were individually

published while I was going through the horrific emotional pain, I suffered from being married

to a sex addict for 19 years. With the help of professional counseling and the extensive

research I chose to do to educate myself about the addiction and betrayal trauma that a partner

suffers, I was able to apply the knowledge I received which helped me tremendously with me

own recovery. These books tell my personal story of moving from "victim" to "victor" and how

I overcame the pain using valuable recovery techniques I discovered and share with my readers.

These books also contain the heartbreak and many struggles we had as a couple which the

readers can certainly relate to. I pray that this book helps you realize that you are not alone and

with the help of God, you can heal and move forward to a healthy and fulfilling life.

--Cat Clark

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