The News According to Mr. Freels

Meet comical little old Mr. Freels and see why you are likely to chuckle as you turn the pages and go back in time and discover how this charming, hilariously funny little old man innocently alters a major world event in The News According to Mr. Freels.

Mr. Freels, who is a lonely but friendly hermit of a man, takes the reader on a journey back in time where he mistakenly misinforms neighbors of the news he heard on his radio back in 1941. There's one major problem: his version is hilariously different from the actual events. Based on events told to me by my mother and grandparents, their neighbor Mr. Freels was a kindhearted gentleman who brought joy to his rural neighbors in Knoxville, Tennessee. A new generation of children can learn a lot from this comical story and the added features of this book.

--Sheri Lynn Buckner

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