The Model of Everything: A Divine Universe

When humanity questions the purpose of existence, they often turn to science or religion for answers. Unfortunately, both science and religion contain inconsistencies. These inconsistencies touch the human spirit in the most profound ways, resulting in an uneasiness about life.

“Do I really have a purpose?”

Seeking to address the spiritual unease, the history of humanity documents the development and pursuit of religion with a concept of a divine creator with a plan for humanity. However, in more recent history with an increasing emphasis on scientific knowledge, the concept of a divine creator is increasingly discounted as inconsistent with the material world revealed by scientific discovery. Via the scientific method, humanity is turning its focus to the material world, creating new gods of science and the purveyors of scientific knowledge.

But rather than provide definitive answers, as science continues to advance, the theories of creation point increasingly to inconclusive and inconsistent results. These shortcomings of science are often veiled in the expression “Someday, we will know,” but many in the scientific community are beginning to question that hope. With science and religion each plagued with inconsistency, perhaps appropriately integrating them will lead us to the real answers we seek!

The Model of Everything—A Divine Universe relies on both scientific and biblical knowledge to fully integrate science and religion in a consistent, complementary, and interdependent fashion. This confluence and synergy of knowledge reveal a comprehensive model that accounts for the totality of human existence—the physical and spiritual. The reader, via personal and straightforward experiments, participates in developing the model. Biblical knowledge is the pointer for a unique application of scientific knowledge. Then, the incredible and sometimes bizarre world of science reveals how God teaches us about our existence and spirituality.

The integration of scientific and biblical knowledge results in several new mental constructs, providing an account for the totality of creation—the material and immaterial—and a genuine hope and understanding of personal existence. The model presents some eye-popping implications and applications as well as predictions on future scientific progress and outcomes. Each reader is invited and encouraged to become a scientist; a scientist prepared to chart a life-changing personal discovery.

--Ralph Brown

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