The Mirror Effect: An Intuitive Guide to Life, Love and Beyond

The quiet of a perfect summer day in Montana is shattered by the sound of

a bullet exploding from a gun. Suddenly, a random act of violence sends a

shockwave of change into a quiet community, changing Karina's life forever.

One that leaves a legacy. Shot in the head and left for dead, the author

enters a state of universal consciousness where she is shown the secrets to

life. She is sent back to Earth to share these insights. Born naturally psychic,

the accident leaves her infinitely and cosmically connected, capable of

knowing the exact words one needs to hear to improve one's relationships,

connect to your higher self, and more. In her quest to listen to the guides

she met on the “other side,” she is able to aid success, increase abundance,

and create emotional and financial freedom. But there's just one catch.

She needs horses to do it. In this riveting and unique biography, join the

thousands who have had Karina and horses connect them to their truths

and lead them to a better understanding of self, miracles, and more.

--Karina Lewis

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