The Lord, The Mafia, and The Government

Carmine's main purpose in writing this book at this time is to show that the government was the same thirty-six years ago as it is today. What the government officials did to him all those years ago compared to what they are executing against the President today is similar. In his opinion, his experience shows that no matter what candidate is running for a political position, if the opposition doesn't approve of him or her, then the government will destroy that person. To Carmine, it's like history repeating itself, and he hopes that his book will open your eyes.

The messenger of God told Carmine to inform you, the reader, to open up your eyes and pay attention to what they are doing to this president! This book is about Carmine's gift from God, how he used it, and how he still uses it to help people today! Carmine has had an opportunity to have met some of the most powerful top Mafia chieftains of days past and officials in politics with the underlying ways of the government.


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