The Light Through The Darkness

Have you ever had a trial come into your life out of nowhere and hit you so hard that you felt like you wouldn't get through it? Like your heart was ripped out and cut into little pieces for you to put back together while you were still trying to figure out what exactly happened? This book takes you through “real time” emotional hurt and betrayal of the author while she leans on her Christian faith to direct her path up and out of the darkest time, she had ever experienced in her life thus far.

She allows you to be a front seat passenger with her on her journey to turn the hurt into a lesson that she could learn and pass on to others. In the book, she shares the lessons that she learned, the Tools that she picked up, and the Results from them both in order to not only deal with her greatest tribulation, but to come out of it a better person.

She shares how staying calm in the “storm,” surrendering to God's will, and trusting in Him will ultimately bring you deliverance from darkness and place peace in your heart. If you have gone through any trial, this book can help you uncover the greater lesson within the trial so you too can come through it a better and stronger person.

--Michaelle S. Branch

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