The Kelley ABCs of Healing Feelings: A Neurocognitive Affective Positive Ego Building System ABCs of Healing Feelings

This book teaches you how to begin to have a good day on a bad day. It teaches you how to train your brains, how to grow into feeling a sense of well-being, most of the time, in less than six months. It does so by teaching easy to learn positive emotion techniques to be practiced a few minutes several times everyday for several months to create new positive nerve networks in the brain which is now based upon recent advances in neuroscience.

Dr. Kelley, an eclectic psychiatrist began to develop the ABCs of Healing Feelings thirty years ago to strengthen the ego strengths of patients for them to benefit from psychotherapy. These techniques are also effective in others for developing an optimal state of well-being for enhanced resilience in various life stressors.

--Ronald L. Kelley, MD, DLFAPA

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