The Journey

Join Christian, a young teen, as he begins his journey to the Celestial Kingdom. His story is not unlike anyone who desires to know truth and where the road of life really leads us.

Get ready to take the ultimate trip of a lifetime. Encounter mountains, valleys, the Palace Beautiful as well as the dangers of ravines, of dungeons, and of confronting human and inhuman enemies.

Go with Chris and his new friends as they become entrapped in swamps, the Doubting Castle, and become entangled in surprise battles with numerous enemies—even Appolyon, the archenemy himself.

Find out how these young teens defeat each foe and ultimately win the battle of their lives.

This story is based on John Bunyon's timeless book, The Pilgrims' Progress. It is a retelling of one boy's quest for truth, his desire to know if God is real. And does this God genuinely care for him?

Come along with Chris as he embarks into the unknown.

--Ruth Brown

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