The Jezebel Syndrome: A Restoration To Godly Womanhood

Few things are as beautiful as a godly woman. Yet a fog of godless womanhood currently blankets the American landscape casting misty rays of womanhood on today's church. In The Jezebel Syndrome, the author profiles the ancient queen who led her husband and the nation into a godless abyss. While tracing her pedigree to Eve, the author skillfully mines where fallen womanhood today has become untracked and where mid-course corrections are due to be made. As a seasoned pastor, Chaplain Klender compassionately encourages women to forsake the mantle of Madame Folly while donning the wardrobe of Lady Wisdom. By using Sarah and a plethora of the Bible's virtuous women as a template, Chaplain Klender displays a beautiful mosaic of what Peter describes as “the holy women of God.” This book is not intended for “her eyes only,” as it will pique the curiosity of men, couples, singles, and those kicking the tires of the Christian faith.

--Daniel Klender

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