The Great Debate Over The Doctrine of Salvation

The Great Debate over the Doctrine of Salvation was originally written as a master's thesis project at Grace Christian University to analyze the tension over the doctrine of salvation. The doctrine of salvation has been one of the most highly contested and prominent subjects of debatable dialogue among intellectuals within the world. For centuries, the debate has taken the world by storm due to the convoluted rhetoric surrounding what constitutes salvation in the eyes of mankind as opposed to the decree of God concerning salvation. As a result, secular rationalization and Christian orthodox stand as polar opposites of thought on the theological and philosophical spectrum as it relates to the doctrine of salvation. Thus, it is the primary objective through this written platform to point to the truth of what salvation entails of from a biblical perspective to aid in settling the dispute about salvation despite the argumentative position of certain intelligentsia.

--Elijah C. McSwain, Sr.

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