The God-Ordained Culture: A Comprehensive Guide to Improve Local Church Functionality, Viability, and Sustainability

The author believes dysfunctional increasingly defines too many seemingly successful twenty-first-century local churches. The God-ordained culture is presented to root out causes of dysfunction.

The author uses the Holy Bible to provide a review of the culture that organically generates, expands, and extends to future generations the beliefs and ministries essential for healthy local church function. The reader is directed toward ministries and structures identified within Psalm 19:7-9 and Ephesians 4:11. Emphasis is given to apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, beliefs, intercession, alignment, culture, proactive strategies, and self-assessments.

The author pinpoints Bible-truth and scientific knowledge to highlight leadership, communication, and intellectual skills critical to local church functionality. The scientific knowledge includes eleven life-sustaining characteristics of all living things and beings. The author uniquely combines Bible-truth and scientific knowledge to provide practical instruction and recommend behavior assessments supporting the continual improvement of local church functionality, viability, and sustainability.

--Alvin B. Moore, Jr.

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