The Elijah Syndrome: How One Minister Deals with a Bipolar Condition

After forty-eight years of ministry, I found myself being more and more sidelined by episodes of depression. This was extremely difficult for me because it was hard to line up with my long-held views of spiritual and mental health. Then while pastoring my wife's home church I had a complete emotional breakdown. In 2008, I spent two different weeks in a hospital on suicide watch. I was diagnosed with a bipolar condition. Because of professional advice, I retired from the pastoral ministry.

This book is my story. I was encouraged to write this by my psychiatrist. It is full of gut-wrenching truth but is also full of hope and encouragement. I genuinely believe that many might be helped by reading this book and applying some of the principles that have helped me. Remember, God still loves you and never gives up on you.

Raymond Edwards

--Raymond Franklin Edwards, BA, MDiv

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