The Choice to Remain in Heaven

SummaryThe Choice to Remain in Heaven is about a man named Jared who is in his late sixties lying in a coma in a hospital bed. For three days his sixty-four-year-old wife Priscilla and Matthew, his estranged fifty-year-old son by a previous marriage, sit by his bedside and have conversations about family, life, death, Heaven, hell, faith, trust, church doctrine, abortion, mercy killing, and who makes it into Heaven and who doesn't.Jared is a man who suffered losses early in life that hardened his heart toward God. On his deathbed, while unconscious to the world, Jared incorporates the conversations of his wife and son into his thoughts. With a final shocking encounter, Jared makes the choice to remain in Heaven.The story is set in South Carolina, primarily in Greenville, with references to Gaffney, Western North Carolina, Lake Junaluska, Battle Creek, Michigan, Indianapolis, and Bloomington Indiana.

--Cheryl Garrison Garrett

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