The Boy Who Befriended a Giant Jack and His Giant Heart

This is a story about a little boy who always felt like an outsider. Whether he was at school or at home he never felt like he belonged. His favorite time was at home under the tree in the backyard reading his books. He feels like he belongs when he reads his books. His books make him feel less lonely. This all changed when one day a boy named Preston came to Jack's school. Preston stood out in his new school because he looked different than all the other kids. He is biracial, and the kids in this new school do not look like him. To make matters worse, Preston is much taller than all the other kids. He is the size of some of the teachers. And because of his looks and large size, he intimidates the other kids in school. They are scared of him. So they run away from him and call him Giant. Jack feels sorry for Preston, and even though he is painfully shy, he wants to be Preston's friend. This story is about how a kind act helps a boy overcome his own shyness to become a friend to someone in need, and in turn finds his place to fit in.

--Shaun Williams

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