Mary Lou is leaving Hollywood and going home, the place she left years before in order to pursue her dream of becoming a great singer. That dream is dead along with her dreams of marriage and a future with her alcoholic lover, who is bent on drinking himself to death.

She is destitute, ill and on the verge of a nervous collapse. She has no choice except to throw herself on the mercy of her father. She knows that even though her dad said she could come, of course he would never turn her away. The last time she came home, she created a scandal which he finds hard to forget.

Her father, Aaron Gerhardt, owns a large ranch which he runs in partnership with his son and his family. Their lives consist of hard work, their devotion to God and their small country church.

No sooner does Mary Lou arrive than she realizes she is in a particular hell from which there is no escape except to die. Failing suicide and coming to the realization she does not want to die, she has to find a way to live. Even though she doesn't believe in God, she becomes open to the idea that perhaps he is the answer. Along the way, she discovers that God has planned a life for her that is more exciting and satisfying than anything she could have envisioned for herself.

This is God's story—a story of redemption, restoration, love, and forgiveness.

“And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten,” (Joel 2:25 KJV).

--Emma Sauer

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