The Backyard Adventures of Mason and Mazey: A Teaching Book

The Backyard Adventures of Mason and Mazey (A Teaching Book) is a lighthearted adventure of learning to understand our surroundings and our impact on all things that may not be so apparent to us in our busy day-to-day lives. It captures the escapades of five-year-old Mason and his basset hound, best friend, Mazey, as her hound nose takes them a bit too far into the woods. They meet up with the animals found in backyards across Orange County, New York, who teach Mason about their habitats and behaviors and the dangers of wandering too far into the woods without an adult. Mason learns valuable lessons about his perceptions and adventurous spirit when he is a bit out of his familiar surroundings. Learning to share God's green earth with the animals that were here long before our houses and our urban sprawl are valuable lessons not only for Mason and Mazey, but for generations to come.

--Susan Fierro

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