The Anvil of Guilt and Shame: A Man's Perspective on Abortion, Forgiveness, and Calling

History will show that one of the greatest lies ever told was that a baby is simply a choice! The second greatest lie ever told is that abortion is exclusively a woman's health issue.

Lies are where Satan lives. Every abortion, is a victory for Satan. Every time a man is removed from the decision or refused the opportunity to create a family, it is a victory for Satan, and it brings darkness to the world.

The abortion of my child was the worst choice of my life; the guilt and shame of that “choice” has negatively affected every aspect of my life. The weight of that abortion has hung over me like an anvil, crushing my spirit.

Just as Satan fears the light of Christ and the truth in Jesus, the “prochoice crowd” fear men of God. Why? Because once a man surrenders to God's will, Satan has no power over them, and those men will lead their families as God intended. If I were wrong, then why is there so much effort to devalue the contributions of men and remove them from the discussion?

Men need to realize that they have a voice in the abortion debate and need to be the men God has always intended them to be.

--G. Spencer Schirs Jr.

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