The American Experiment: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Will it Survive or Fizzle Out into the Dustbin of History?

This book sets out the history of “The American Experiment” in self-government focusing on its original legal documents, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. It discusses how and why such a ‘Total Heresy' as self-government ever arose and has survived for nearly 250 years. One focus is on the original genius of the ‘Separation of Powers' that has become so muddled since the Framers created the Constitution. The horror of the World Wars and key aspects of the Presidents from Eisenhower through Carter and the two Bushes are summarized. Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Obama, and Trump are discussed in increasing levels of detail.

The failures of the Federal Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation beginning with the Enron prosecution are summarized. The issues of the appointment of Supreme Court Justices, immigration, and the rise of socialism/communism in America are discussed in some detail. The failed bloodless coup d'etat and impeachment attempts to remove President Trump from office are discussed in depth as are the climate change debate and the Green New Deal. The geopolitical world from Europe, to Russia, the Middle East, China and North Korea are discussed as they are directly affecting future American freedom. One of the last chapters discusses why western man and specifically America arrived at the pinnacle of civilization while others did not. Finally, the author closes with, “The Only Thing That Matters at the End of the Trail” – a summary of his wishes for not only his descendants, but all the World.

--Randall E. Rush

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