The ABC's of HIV/AIDS is Wanda London's own personal testimonial of being a social worker diagnosed with AIDS in the mid-nineties. How she changed the stigma, shame and despair into triumph. How she became knowledgeable about this disease. Then, her mission was to share that knowledge to advance the understanding of HIV/AIDS in her community. Wanda has discovered in all her years working in the field of HIV education; people's behavior never really changed. This disease is still 100 percent preventable. This present generations of individuals who have grown up with this disease. They have no fear of the virus. They have not witnessed a person dying from AIDS. The major challenges and hurdles in the late seventies and eighties are still present today. People still need to be educated regarding HIV - about risky behavior, changing your lifestyle and about living risk free and safe.

It is Wanda's hope that this booklet can and will be helpful in increasing your knowledge about the HIV virus (the virus that causes AIDS). It will help you as a parent, guardian and caregiver to develop a stronger open communication with your children regarding HIV.

Based on personal knowledge, Wanda London believes that everyone should have a basic level of HIV/AIDS prevention and education.

Know this fact: HIV is 100% preventable.

--Wanda London

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