Teaching in a Changing Society; Focusing on Poverty and Diversity

Teaching can be difficult on a good day. The demands are great and appear to be getting greater as the needs of students in a changing society become evident in the classroom. Not long ago, a teacher's biggest problem was trying to get students to listen and learn. Behavior issues were primarily those of disrespect and fighting. Today, a teacher's biggest concern is not just students listening and learning, and the behavior concerns are not just disrespect and fighting. Everything is far more complicated.

For this reason, teachers need encouragement, specific strategies to use that work, and hope that their efforts are appreciated and effective. This book provides those elements, along with real stories depicting the challenges and

humor found only in a classroom. Each chapter concludes with a prayer for teachers to use to ask God for help and guidance in a specific area of teaching.

The author speaks with authority from firsthand experience providing practical classroom suggestions to help teachers be effective educators in an ever-changing society.

--Doris Lackey Hawkins, Ph.D.

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