Tales of the Story Keeper

Papa Rafa has been the Marino story keeper for more than twenty-five years. As the story keeper, he has memorized almost every leaf of the family tree back to the 1600s. More importantly, Papa Rafa is the protector of stories from the past and a collector of stories from the present. Over 250 years of stories that reveal the character of the Marino family reside in Papa Rafa's library. Within the pages of this book are some of his favorite stories. He has included the story of Great-Grandmother Pia's bravery in war, his sister Isabella's encounter with giant whales, and even his own careless adventure with a rubber raft. They are about Papa Rafa's family. The character names may be new to you, but look carefully, inside every story, you will see someone that you know or maybe even yourself.

Readers are invited to visit with Papa Rafa at his virtual coffee shop and bookstore by typing https://paparafa.com into their Internet browser.

--Ralph Berwanger

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