Sweet Surrender: How One Step of Faith Changed My Life

Sweet Surrender is a book that will take you on the journey of a young woman who gave up everything in Canada to go after God's heart and His desires for her life. Ellen was a small country girl from Ontario who went all the way over to the island of Haiti by herĀ¬self in 2008. She tells you her story of overcoming fears, stepping out in faith, living in a third-world country, and doing ministry plus all the in-betweens of how God pursued her, refined her, and brought her to her knees in surrender. Read about how she and her family survived the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the aftermath that followed. Ellen describes her experiences with real-life reactions, honesty, and a little humor with a side of sarcasm.

Sweet Surrender will not only show you that God is still at work and is simply looking for willing hearts, but it will give you basic foundational steps to kick away fear and step into your calling. How many of us are willing to give it all up and take a risk for God? Would you do it if you knew He would change everything? Who's ready for the highs and the lows of doing the work of Christ? Let's go on this journey and see what God has in store.

--Ellen Pierre Louis

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