Springtime Follies

Brothers Brett and Blake and their new friends, siblings Quynh, Binh, and Wynn, meet a robin in their newly planted spring garden. “Hello, my name is Kelda. I am hunting for worms to eat,” says the robin. Although Kelda is very skilled at catching worms, there is one funny-looking worm that teases Kelda and always manages to get away.The next day is Easter, and the two families of these kiddos get together to celebrate this special day. The youngsters have a great time playing games, and Kelda cheers them on from her perch in a nearby tree. By the time they get to the final game, each of the friends has won a game—except Wynn, the youngest of the group. Wynn's focused strategy for the last game pays off when Kelda spots the funny-looking creepy-crawly and swoops down from her nest to grab the worm. As Kelda tries to fly away, the worm breaks free and falls right into the middle of the game, setting off a hilarious series of chaotic mishaps as the worm is tossed from one contestant to the next.Join in the Easter egg hunt as you read—and try to find the golden star egg on each page.

--Sandy Heitmeier Thompson

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