Sink or Swim: Surviving the Odds by Design

Major health issues and catastrophic illnesses can affect everyone at some point in their life. No matter what the setback, this book offers great insight into some of the hurdles you may need to overcome as well as those issues that you can no longer put off but need to deal with. Whether it is navigating the health journey, defining family and friends, dealing with depression, being a caregiver, selecting a medical team, strengthening your spirituality, working through insurance, building your life after recovery, and becoming the new you, there are tools in this book that will assist everyone faced with these challenges, no matter what catastrophic illness has befallen you. Leona recognized early on the deficiencies in the health care and fitness industries and was alarmed because of the accelerated growth in the aging population. She knew with certainty that change was needed. In order to elevate the status of fitness professionals in the health industry, there needs to be transparency and accountability. It is her goal to bring both elements to the fitness industry in the state in which she resides. By doing so, other states would hopefully follow.

This book not only chronicles Leona's cancer journeys but also sheds light on the medical and fitness communities as well. A must-read as you embark on this uncertain journey.

--Leona J. Howard

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