Set Free


Rose stood up and closed her eyes, and as in a dream, a vision appeared before her. She saw herself prostrated at the foot of the cross where Jesus hanged. Her arms desperately encircled the base of the cross. Jesus looked at her, not with condemnation, not even with pain as He hang on the cross, but with love and understanding and clarity. His eyes bored into her soul.

When she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by a spiritual blue light that encircled her like a cloud. The cloud pulsated with life, love, and purity. She was washed, cleansed from all her sins, in that one glorious instance when the Lord surrounded her with His Light.

Immediately afterward, three transparent brown bald-headed demons with fierce, angry red eyes and gnashing teeth appeared before her. Trembling with fear, she fell to her knees, closed her eyes, and prayed.

--Rose Gwilliam

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